Secretary Message

Dayanand Arya Vidya Educational Society (DAVES) has been making a significant contribution to the society through spreading value-based education leading by the senior most teachers of DAV Public Schools, Ranchi Zone. The society is committed to set high standards in education while maintaining a balance between our heritage and modernity. The society runs and manages three (03) educational institutions. Recently, the society has taken one step forward initiating the project of one more school (proposed for upto +2 level) at Bokaro Steel City. Our vision is to be crowned as one of the finest educational organization of the state. Our mission is man-making, dispelling knowledge and building moral and cultural values. We believe that the best way to bring a change is to initiate it. With this belief, we are continually engaged in a relentless endeavour to grow and develop into a pioneer organization in the field of education. Best wishes for an enjoyable and productive year ahead.

Anit Kumar Singh

(Dayanand Arya Vidya Educational Society, Patna)

Principal's Message

Today, Children in India are grwoing in a more challenging and demanding environment. Globalization demand a new dimension to our approach to education. We, thus have to recognize the need for a relevant education. Such an education would mean imparting skills that would develop mental agility in individual with the moreal and human values. Education, in true sense, empowers a person with character and national building capabilities. We make concerted efforts for a holistic development of the students. A wide range of activities are organized to propel a self- belief, confidence in decision making and problem solving. Our school is committed to bolster the physical, emotional, social and cultural needs of the child. A strong requirement today is to simultaneously weave a firm moral fibre in the students' personality. The key to this goal is to pursue a value based education process.


Ashok Kumar Singh

(Premchand Dayanand Arya Vidya Public School, Giridih)

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